Biminis - Canopy, Conventional, w/Arch

Biminis on sailboats are becoming almost a standard item. With the increased awareness of skin related problems with prolonged exposure to the sun, Biminis are growing by leaps and bounds in popularity. They enhance the time spent on the boat by having a refuge to run from the sun or rain. We offer three types of Biminis for sailboats: the Canopy Style, Conventional Style and biminis attached to an arch for Hunter sailboats with arches.

Canopy Style Bimini
To meet this need Boat Tailors had come to realize that the conventional bimini used on powerboats do not work very well for many sail boats. Therefore, we came up with what we call our Canopy Style Bimini. This bimini is one of our cantilever designs. It is internally supported so there is no need for forward straps or legs to get in the way. It cantilevers over the winch to allow for a full swing of the handle. This also provides a large opening for that quick exit from the cockpit. It comes in both a 2 bow and 3 bow versions. The 2 bow version covers approximately 60” fore and aft. This works well when mating with a dodger. For longer cockpit we offer a three bow version that covers up to 84” fore and aft.
Don’t worry about that back stay. We have techniques that allow the stay to pass right through the bimini. This allows us to extend the bimini to the stern of the boat. Going forward we often connect the bimini to the dodger.

Conventional Biminis
We use conventional biminis when they are mounted outboard of the coaming on the walkway. We only do this if we can avoid the swing of the winch handle, and the forward leg of the strap will not be in the way. When the biminis are wide the cockpit can still be accessed because of the width differential between the bimini and cockpit. These normally are a 3 bow biminis.

Biminis Attached to Arches (see special page for Hunters w/arches)
This is a difficult task because the arch dictates the shape of the bimini. We custom bend our tubing to match your arch. We employ different techniques to allow that bimini to fully retract, not like others on the market. We even went so far as to develop our own fitting for attachment to tubular arches. Our focus in these designs is to provide as much protection as possible but yet keep the frames out of the way. We normally attach to the arch with one of several types of tracking systems we have at our disposal. From there the fabric is tensioned with one of our custom bent frames.