Cockpit Carpet

We offer quality marine cockpit carpeting from Corinthian Marine Carpet with AquaLoc backing.

This is a big improvement from the usual black foam backed carpeting that was used in the past. If you ever had your black foam backed carpet deteriorate after a few years you will appreciate AquaLoc. It will not fail or shrink.

We custom pattern your project for a perfect fit. We use snaps as required and if necessary.

Most new boat manufacturers are now using AquaLoc marine cockpit carpet on their boats. The cost is virtually the same but the quality is not even close. We have templates available for Meridian, Bayliner and Maxum so we can turn orders for these boats around in about 2 weeks.

This is a 30 oz. polypropylene product that is mold resistant and UV stabilized. The quality of this carpet allows the manufacturer to give a 3 year warranty.

It is professionally bound with vinyl binding, which will last the life of the carpet. The same great factory colors are available and we can turn your order around in about 5 weeks. Call for an estimate.

Cockpit carpet colors: (note that this is only a sampling of what we have available, many other colors and styles/types are available for viewing in our shop)

Boat Tailors This is the standard Sea Ray color.


Boat Tailors Just a little darker than Moonshine.


Boat Tailors R9307
Boat Tailors This goes really well with the SeaRay interior gel coat. A warm color. Great
for any boat.


Boat Tailors R9316

Boat Tailors