Dodger Enclosures

Dodger Enclosures are popular on the Great Lakes due to their versatility. They allow the sailor to enjoy that cruise no matter what the conditions. We like to say that when you are cruising the weather often chooses you and you don’t get to choose it.

Many sailors are repulsed by the thought of enclosing their cockpit and not being in the open air. However, picture yourself getting pounded by ten footers, frozen to the bone, and hours yet to go. Or, out on a hot summer day baking in the sun and you’re in the middle of the lake and the wind dies. Yes, you are now the closest landing spot for every fly within 5 miles. If you haven’t had this happen, just wait, it will. What if, in a few moments, you could put up an enclosure? Yes, no need for the foul weather gear or no need to pick flies out of your teeth.

Have you ever been at the marina and had some close friends come over to enjoy a nice evening watching the sun set as you eat hors d’oeuvres in the cockpit of your boat? Then the wind switches bring a cold lake breeze driving you down below. The evening is ruined. This would not happen if you had an enclosure.

Some enclosures we design spend much of the summer stored on board for easy up and down. However, they make their appearance on the boat each spring and fall. This allows the boat owner to make more of their investment, because they enjoy their boat when they normally would not bother with the weather. An enclosure is the great equalizer.

Boat Tailors sailboat cockpit enclosures have won multiple international achievement awards for their design and craftsmanship. In fact, one of our dodger enclosures won the Award of Excellence. This award is given to the best marine fabric product fabricated in a given year. It not only won the dodger enclosure category but was so superior in its design that it was judged better than all canvas products on both sail and power boats and all interior designs.

We understand that the enclosure must first of all function well and secondly enhance the look of the boat. For a dodger enclosure to perform its job it must start with a properly designed dodger. We custom design all our dodgers to fit the sailor’s needs. See the section on dodgers and dodger design.

Next, the enclosures function and shape are determined by the bimini. We have a special award winning design just for sailboats. We call it our canopy style bimini. Look for the details in that section.

The sides of the enclosures are normally screen and roll vinyl windows. The vinyl on the inside can quickly roll down to allow protected ventilation. I have personally been at one of our marinas were I have had at least 10 mosquitoes biting me in each leg. You can sit in comfort and laugh at those bugs. Then, if that nasty breeze comes in off the lake you can quickly roll up that panel leaving the others open.

The key to our enclosures is that you choose to have as little or as much up as conditions warrant. This allows you to enjoy more time on your boat.