Dodgers are now standard equipment for most serious cruising and casual sailors. Dodgers are often designed in a way that detracts from the aesthetics of beautiful boats and significantly limits the function of the boat. This does not need to be. Proper dodger design can enhance the function and the look of a sailboat. Click here for more dodger examples.

Boat Tailors has won multiple awards for dodger design. We have focused on dodgers as one of our featured products. They present some of the most difficult challenges of all canvas products. Our dodgers have been recognized as among the best in the world. Twice we were rewarded for the best California style dodger in the world. Click here to see a few of them.

There are two general types of dodgers. The first type is called “California style”. This dodger is used on both traditionally designed boats as well as more modern designs. It is by far the most common dodger we make. It offers sides that are zipped to the top of the dodger and are primarily window. It is more versatile than a “traditional style” dodger. There is also a California style high profile

A “traditional style” dodger is used almost exclusively on traditional design boats. The fabric that makes up the top also makes up the sides of the dodger. Side windows are cut into the sides. The sides are not removable and window size is limited. Boat Tailors has been awarded for its traditional design. However, it must be noted that the "traditional style" dodger is not used very often because of the advantages of the “California style” dodger.

Our dodger’s special features set them apart from others. First, we custom design each dodger for function and aesthetics for both the boat and the sailor. We have fully removable front windshields. Our front windshields are made out of our semi-rigid “Super Clear” product. It gives a windshield-like look to our front windshields. We use either 1” or 1 ¼” stainless steel tubing for our frames. The aft bow of the frame is supported by a support leg to make the bow rigid which allows the aft bow to become a hand hold.