Install Guide - Bimini / Dodger

Reinstalling your dodger or bimini canvas can be tricky and must be done with care. There are some simple rules to follow:

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Boat Tailors 1 - collapse the frame by pulling pins or removing screws from the front or back. Do not attempt to put the canvas on with the frame extended because it may damage the canvas.
Boat Tailors 2 - zip the canvas over the frames, front and back. Note that the Boat Tailors tag (if there) usually goes in the back.
Boat Tailors 3 - you may notice a black Sharpie ring around the center of the frames. Be certain that the zippers, when closed, are equally close to this center mark.
Boat Tailors 3a - The sides of the canvas should also be even from side-to-side. We put a mark for side-to-side position when we originally installed the cover.
Boat Tailors 4 - extend the frame back to its original position with the canvas on. You may need one person to put their weight on the frame to get the screws or pins back in the deck connections.
  5 - connect the forward bow straps. They should be tight as possible and may require a second person to put downward pressure on the bow the get the strap connected to the cabin top.
  6 - zip in the windows, attach fasteners. Pressure to the top of the frame above the windows may be needed to fasten the window to the snaps.
  NOTES: zippers should be pulled by fingers only. If a window zipper does not fit, it is most likely because the top is not centered.
  Check the center mark on the frame and side marks one last time.