Semi-rigid Products (Makrolon, Rainier Panels)

Super Clear Sewable
This is a sewable semi-rigid product. We use it in our dodger windshields. Being semi-rigid it provides an excellent windshield appearance and function that is hard to achieve with the softer products. It is excellent to look through for extended periods. Being harder it is more difficult to scratch; however, it is so clear each scratch is easily seen. Its drawback is short life. It normally lasts 3 to 4 years. Therefore, once in the life of the dodger the front panels need to be rebuilt. We believe the benefits of this product outweigh its short life in certain situations.


This semi-rigid polycarbonate enclosure window offers enhanced UV resistance, optically clear, same clarity as the softer acrylic, scratch resistance, 30 times the impact strength and is shatter proof.

And the biggest advantage: .060 thick! The normal retail windows are .030 and have yellowing and cracking problems in addition to scratching.

The price to upgrade to this new product is nominal, and the customers we have told about it are excited.

Since this product is guaranteed for 7 years, we only recommend it for new installations. This product is expected to last twice as long as normal windows.

 Bonded Panels (Rainier Panels)
We believe our customers are looking for clear window products with a better level of visibility, more scratch resistance, longer life and more glass like appearance. Normal polished vinyl and Strataglass have reached their limit in each of these areas. Therefore, to meet our customer’s demands, we offer another option. The clear product used in the bonded panel will last the life of the fabric. The sewable semi-rigid will only last about half the life of the fabric. This means that the clear products thickness exceeded the ability to sew it. The next option is to bond, with an adhesive, the clear product to the fabric border. This bonding process is controlled by various patents. We have formed an alliance with one of the premier bonded panel producers: Rainier Bonded Panels

We produce the pattern as we would normally. We then lay out the fabric to glass line and send the pattern to Rainier. They make the shape of the clear window to our specification. They bond the fabric to the clear product. They adhere more fabric then is needed. This rough panel is called a “bleed”. This rough panel is shipped to Boat Tailors where we cut it to final size and finish the panel to our specifications.

We believe the best product currently for this application is the GE Lexan MR-10. It does not crack, as many of the acrylic based products the other manufacturer uses. This is tough and clear. As an extra benefit GE Lexan blocks 98% of harmful UV rays.