Winter Covers

Winter Cover Installation Instructions or  Frequently Asked Questions

Winter covers for power and sail are a Boat Tailors trademark. The covers are designed to go from support point to the rub rail. This eliminates most snow loading that happen with other covers that go over the life lines and stanchions. The covers are light in weight but last many years. We custom fit and sew your cover and install the cover the first time. This is a "green" alternative to shrink wrap and protects your expensive yacht during the winter season - season after season after season.

There is a zipper for entrance at the stern if you wish to work on your boat in during the winter season and the cover comes in two pieces that are zipped together, front and back. Most of our covers reach 12" below the rub rail. We also do half covers and covers down to the water line.

Chances are there are many Boat Tailors winter covers in your storage yard so check one out and call us for a quote. Below left are shrink-wrapped boats that have snow loading. Notice the pressure on the life lines and stanchions. The shrink-wrap is also splitting due to the weight of the snow.

The second picture is a Boat Tailors winter cover. Notice the vents and angle to the rub rail. The vents also allow light to pass through when you are on your boat.

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Winter Cover Frequently Asked Questions

- what material for the cover, the zippers, the vents, the tie-down Straps
Cover is made of SeaSprae. Here is the information from the manufacturer: Extremely economical and super lightweight, Sea-Spraé is the perfect choice for lightweight bimini tops and other marine craft covers. The fabric repels, water, dirt and UV rays, and is stabilized for minimum stretch and shrinkage. This durable fabric is flexible and easy to fabricate, and has excellent tear and tensile strength. Sea-Spraé features proprietary back coating to prevent color transfer.

Zippers are YK #10, the industry standard. Strapping is 1/2" woven nylon shrink wrap strapping you see on all the shrink wrapped boats. We have additional available for $35 for 1500'. It is easier to cut if off and use new the next storage season. Vents are poly and are white solid vents that let light in if you go on the boat in the winter and do not collapse like the cloth vents we used to use.

- how many tie-down straps
Tie-down straps are nylon webbing double-sewed every 3' or less, and are on both sides of openings.

- how the cover will go around the mast, the shrouds, the head and back stays, the stanchions, the head stay furling drum

We use collars, Velcro cuffs and cones around all openings and they are tied off at the top with a draw string. We do not cover the stanchions or life lines because we need to get sufficient slope so there is not damaging snow loading. The head stay furling drum will be covered as will any teak on the bow.

- how the cover will fit the boat
Your cover will be patterned specifically for your boat and will fit tight with no flapping in the wind. You should check it in January and tighten as necessary to keep tension on it. We use knots that can be found on There will be zipper access at the stern. Leave your stairs down for the cover to fit properly.

- how the frame will be made
2 x 4, cut on site to fit and support perfectly. Carpet is used to protect your fiberglass where needed, and all supports are held by strapping so they do not move. The frame and forward and aft pieces of the cover will store in a surprisingly small space over the summer.

-can you provide a reference or an example of one of your covers which is installed on a boat now?
There are many boats in the area marinas that have Boat Tailors Winter Covers. You will be seeing them as the boats go on the hard and the owners cover them up. There is also a display boat at the Boat Tailors shop that has been on the boat for many years.