Winter Cover Installation Instructions

This is your cover, rolled, tied and in two neat bundles. Notice the wood support 2 x 4's in the background. When you take your cover off in the spring you should be able to roll it up like this. Do not store it where mice or other rodents can get at it. Cool and dry. Your cover will last for many years.
Tie the forward ridge board to the mast using the mast support and to the forestay using the short forestay support. Use wood screws where indicated. The wood frame parts will be labeled.

Tie down the ridge board tight.
Use the boom support in the back. Notice the tie-downs that keep the mast centered. Tie them tight as possible so there is no side to side movement of the mast. This is critical because looseness will cause your cover to wear.
Spread out the front half of the cover. First tie it to the forestay, then zip the back half on and tie to mast.
After the mast boot is secure, make sure the cover seam is directly over the supports and centered.
Make sure the cover is centered around the forestay.
Zip the cover around the side stays and tie the boots around them with bow knots and double tie them.
Start at the bow and put the side ties on the loops. Tie all the loops at the bow and leave enough strapping to reach the ground. You will be thing these later under the boat.

Do not tighten the strapping to the bottom at this time. You may tie it lightly to the cradle if it is windy.
When the bow is done, work back, strapping all the loops. Leave enough strapping to reach well below the cradle. You will use a Truckers Hitch to tie the straps to the top and bottom.
Tie down the stern and start working forward as you did from the bow.
Once all the straps are on, using the truckers hitch, crank them all down. Work around the boat so you get even pressure on the cover. Do not pull it to the side. If it doesn't look right, loosen the straps and pull the cover straight.
Go around and tighten once more, or twice. You do not want the cover loose. Check a couple of times during the winter. Check all straps and tighten as necessary.
The finished winter cover.  If this looks confusing, call us and will install for you for an hourly rate.

Reverse this process to remove the cover.